How to Make Princess Ribbon Bow Hair Clips with Chains and Charms

Summary: I will show how to make lace and ribbon bow hair clips with lace and beads in princess style. This personalized hair clip is layered with three different bows. Chains and charms makes for more fun.

How to Make Princess Ribbon Bow Hair Clips with Chains and Charms

For creating this ribbon bow hair clip, I make the three layered bows in different ways. The bow atop is made of check ribbon and it’s the most unique one. Actually the middle bow cannot be called a bow because I only make a simple loop, but it likes a bow by covering with the first bow. While the last bow is an irregular lace bow which consists of two doubled lace trims. I think you can handle it well as there are few techniques required.

What do you need in this ribbon bow hair clip?

25mm Satin Ribbon, Anchor, White
25mm Satin Ribbon, Check, Blue
25mm Lace Trim
Brass Chain, Antique Bronze
14mm Woven Cloth Bead, Round, Green
16mm Woven Wool Bead, Round, Red
17mm Tibetan Style Pendant, Cat, Antique Bronze
27mm Tibetan Style Pendant, Cat, Antique Bronze
Jump Rings, Antique Bronze
Headpins, Antique Bronze
Hair Barrette
Hot Glue Gun
Side Cutting Plier

materials and tools for ribbon bow hair clip

How to make a princess ribbon bow hair clip?

Step 1: make a check ribbon bow

1st, cut out a strip of check ribbon measuring 18cm or so and fold one end downwards as the picture shows;
2nd, turn the excess part inside with wrapping the edge and secure with glue;
3rd, fold the other end in the same way, then glue both ends to the middle;
4th, fold the middle of the ribbon with the way of folding a bow and glue for securing.

make a check ribbon bow

Step 2: glue ribbons and lace trims

1st, cut out a strip of white ribbon measuring 18cm and loop both ends backwards to the middle;
2nd, glue both ends of the ribbon;
3rd, glue the check ribbon bow on the upper half of white ribbon;
4th, cut out two lace trims measuring 12cm. Fold them in half and lay them with crossing the ends at an angle. Glue the white ribbon on the upper half of the lace trims.

glue ribbons and lace trims

Step 3: add embellishments

1st, attach the smaller cat pendent to the larger one with a brass chain and two 5mm jump rings. Glue the larger pendent in the middle of the check ribbon bow;
2nd, slide a woven cloth bead on a headpin and wrap the end around the jump ring at the larger pendent. Thread a headpin through a hole of the woven wool bead and attach it to the jumpring too;
3rd, snip two pieces of brass chains with different lengths. Attach the ends of two chains to two 10mm jump rings respectively, and then attach the jump ring to both ends of the hair barrette;
4th, glue the hair barrette to the back side of the lace trims.

add embellishments

This is the final look:

finished ribbon bow hair clip

One highlight of this ribbon bow hair clip is that there are chains hanging there. I think it’s an unusual and wonderful thought! In addition, the match of green and red color adds a lot of interests and makes it niftier.

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