Easy Steps to Make Turquoise Hook Earrings

Summary: DIY earrings with turquoise beads and hooks is easy. You can make your own Turquoise Hook Earrings by following this easy tutorial.

Easy Steps to Make Turquoise Hook Earrings

The turquoise beads look special with crackles. And the turquoise jewelry is also distinctive. If you like DIY jewelry, how could you not make turquoise jewelry? Next, we offer you an idea about making turquoise earrings.

4 steps to make turquoise jewelry:

1. Materials for making turquoise hook earrings:
You will need: turquoise chip beads, eyepins, Tibetan silver beads and earring hooks.
materials for making the turquoise earrings

2. Make dangles.
Slide a Tibetan style bead and two turquoise chip beads onto an eyepin.
steps for making the hook earring with turquoise beads

3. Make a loop over the bead and hook the dangle to the earring hook.

4. Make another piece of the earrings.
Till now, you have finish one earring, you can make another piece with the some method.

Done! Hope you like these turquoise earrings. You can buy some turquoise beads to make other kinds of turquoise jewelry.

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