How to Make Long Necklaces- A Simple and All-match Kind

Summary: This tutorial how to make long necklaces will introduce you an easy-to-understand way to make all-match fashionable necklaces; in this tutorial, you needn’t prepare too many tools and materials. Just some beads and strings can make out the beautiful long necklaces.

In winter, some of you may begin to wonder what to wear to fit for soft and thick sweaters and garments; crystal and wire jewelry can bring in some kind of cool and refreshing senses, but they can hardly function as well as in winter seasons; so here I suggest this tutorial telling you how to make long necklaces, and the kind of fashionable necklaces is able to perfectly match all winter clothing.


The accessories and kits you need for the fashionable necklace:

1mm darkgreen nylon thread

5mm darkgreen rhinestone beads

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Flat nose plier 

Round nose plier

Wire cutter


Instructions for how to make long necklaces start from here:

Step 1: prepare the bead strands

First, snip 1/2m steel wire, and fold it to find the center position;

Second, slide one rhinestone bead and make cross stitch to secure it on the wire;

Third, repeat and make 3 groups of beaded strands; 

Fourth, twist each group and secure ends by jump rings;

Step 2: prepare the cord strands

First, snip 3 strands of cord each measuring 30cm or so;

Second, fold each strand, fasten one end to one jump ring; and then make double 3-strand-braiding;

Step 3: finish the long necklace

Tie final knot to another jump ring, so bead strand and cord strand get connected; trim excess cords and melt cord ends with lighter.

So far, the tutorial of how to make long necklaces is done. Don’t you feel the strings and silvery beads combine well in this long necklace? This combination not only demonstrates the distinct feature of winter colors, but also shows the typical mix-match style within the fashionable necklace.

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