Design a Fashion Purple Pendant Necklace within 15 Mummies

Summary: Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a purple pendant necklace. If you are going to send an awesome gift to your friends but have no clue, this DIY fashion pendant necklace is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

Design a Fashion Purple Pendant Necklace within 15 Mummies

The purple pendant necklace is one of my favorite designs because I like purple; and part from me, I believe many other people are keen on purple. Now let’s learn this “how to make a pendant necklaces” instruction step by step.

 making purple pendantt necklaces

Materials you will need while making the adjustable string necklaces:

6mm purple Jade Beads

1mm purple Nylon Thread

3mm pink Seed Beads




Tiger Tail Wire

materials you will need while making the purple pendant necklaces  

Instructions on making the purple pendant necklaces:

1.Cut off a piece of 15cm tiger tail wire, slide four jade beads and three seed beads onto the wire tail wire alternately and then cross both ends through a seed bead.

2. Thread one jade bead, one seed bead and one jade bead onto the two wires, cross both ends through the bottom seed bead.

3. Tension the wires and secure them by threading both ends through adjacent beads, trim off the extra parts.

4. Prepare two eyepins, slide jade bead on the eyepins and cross them from the heart of the pendant to form a cross-shape.

5. Slide a jade bead and a seed bead on headpins and make a simple loop.

6. Hang three dangles to the pendant and add a jumpring to the last loop. 

7. Cut two strips of threads, you can decide the length by yourself.

8. At last, tie an elegant bowknot.

 making purple pendant for the fashion necklaces

So you have finished this guidance on how to make a pendant necklace. There is a super cute outfit of the purple pendant necklaces, right?

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