How to Identify Platinum Jewelry

Summary: You may be afraid of being deceived when you buy platinum jewelry. Now, you don’t need worry about it. We will tell you how to identify platinum jewelry.

How to identify platinum jewelry? Platinum is very precious metal. It is widely used in jewelry making. The platinum jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as it is believed to be the best testimony as a perfect marriage. It is also known as “love metal”. But the platinum looks similar to the silver. Some people can’t tell them. So it is very important for us to understand the difference between platinum and gold, silver and other metals look like platinum. If we don’t know that, we may be cheated when we buy platinum jewelry. Next, we will tell you some tips about identifying platinum jewelry.

how to identify platinum jewelry

How to identify platinum jewelry?

1. There are always marks on the jewelry. You can use a magnifying glass to see the marks of the jewelry. If the mark is PT, PLAT, or PLATINUM, the jewelry is definitely platinum.

2. Check the weight. Platinum is heavier than gold and it is almost double weight of silver jewelry of the same value. So people can identify platinum jewelry through weight.

3. Compare the color carefully. Platinum is silver gray and has hard texture. You can identify platinum through your careful observation with your naked eyes.

4. Platinum has a high melting point and s good resistance of high temperature oxidation. You can place your platinum jewelry in a spoon and hold it over a flame. If you find the spoon changes color but the platinum jewelry not, it is made of platinum.

5. Buy a platinum metal test kit to identify. First, rub your platinum jewelry on a test stone, and then add a drop of acid on the stone with metal residue on it. If the jewelry does not react with acids very fast, it could be made of platinum.

6. If you still not sure, you can take it to the jewelry store for testing.

I hope the 6 ways about identifying platinum jewelry can help. You’d better buy precious jewelry in the jewelry store with a high reputation. Good luck!

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