Wire Jewelry Design Idea-How to Make Bracelets with Wire and Beads

Summary: How to make a bracelet with wire and beads? Do you have the desire to know? Our tutorial I will show you later aim at teaching you a way to make this DIY cool bracelet with only two basic materials.

The combination of wire and beads always can create an unexpected jewelry, just as this cool handmade bracelet. Follow with our guidance of how to make a bracelet with beads and wire within three steps.

 bracelets with wire and beads

1. Things you will need: 1.5mm aluminum wire, 6mm bicone beads and eyepins 

 materials needed in the beads and wire bracelet making

2. Make several “S” hooks with round nose plier.

3. Thread bicone bead onto the eyepin and make a plait loop, snip off the excess part.


4. Link the “S” hook with beads.

This finished DIY cool bracelet will make wonderful gifts for everyone around you. Come and learn this “how to make a bracelet with wire and beads” project! 

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