How to make an illusion necklace- pretty floating illusion necklace

Summary: This tutorial will teach you a simple way about how to make an illusion necklace; after this illusion necklace instructions you will also master the right skill of backing-through, wrapping and securing beads without knotting and crimping.

As illusion necklaces are getting popular these days, it is necessary to learn how to make an illusion necklace; especially in the cold winter days, it is uneasy to find a proper necklace pattern to match fluffy knitted sweaters; owing to its uncommon length and brief&natural style, illusion necklace is noticeably the best choice; why not follow the illusion necklace instructions.


The materials and tools for illusion necklace instructions:

6mm glass pearls in lavender

8mm glass pearls in brown

4mm seed beads in brown

0.5mm crystal threads (steel wire for demonstration)

Iron crimp beads

Iron bead tips

Toggle clasps

Jump rings





All steps for how to make an illusion necklace:

Step 1: attach bead tip to top

First, cut a piece of thread; when folded, it can best fit your neck;

Second, slide and secure a bead tip to the thread center;

Step 2: float beads across thread
First, slide a seed bead onto one strand, and make the strand back through the seed bead 3 times in order to firmly secure the bead at its position;
Second, add a glass pearl and push it close to the first seed bead;
Third, slide another seed bead, push it close to the previous glass pearl and make the end back through 3 times as done in first process;
Fourth, repeat above process to make the pattern you like;
Step 3: end the illusion necklace instructions
First, attach another bead tip to tail end;
Second, use jump rings to hook clasp on both ends.
Here I use steel wire for illusion necklace instructions, because it is eligible for demonstration to you-my nice readers, however in normal operation, I suggest crystal thread, owing to its transparency property; first, learn the basic tutorial like how to make an illusion necklace, and then you will get sparked someday and create awesome works by yourself.

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