Jump Ring for Jewelry - How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet

Summary: Learn this easy-to-follow instruction on how to make a jump ring bracelet project; you will be shocked by this creativity.

Jump ring is a basic material and used to connect two components in so many jewelry making projects, after you have read our tutorial about how to make a jump ring bracelet, you will find that such a simple jump ring can turn out to be fantastic jump ring jewelry.

 diy jumpring bracelets

1. You will need the following supplies: jump ring, colorful acrylic beads and lobster clasp

 materials needed in making jumpring bracelets

2. Begin by opening a jump ring and put two beads on it, close the jump ring, open another jump ring, slide a bead on it and then thread it through the right beads which hooked on the first jump ring.

 making chain for the jumpring bracelets

3. Continue extending the design until you have enough to use for a bracelet.

4. At last, add on the clasp

While you are learning this tutorial of how to make a jump ring bracelet, do remember to choose beads with large hole so that the hole of the beads can fit two jump rings through.   

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