Seed Bead Necklace Tutorial - How to Make a Seed Bead Watermelon Necklace

Summary: This is one of our favorite seed bead necklace pattern for summer. In the tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a seed bead necklace by beading a watermelon pendant firstly, very cute and creative!

This cute seed bead necklace is in a very ingenious watermelon pattern that’s easy to put together. In the seed bead necklace tutorial, we made use of four main colors: red, green, black and white. In addition to the color combination, the wires, pins and assistive tools used are also common. Here we go!

Seed Bead Watermelon Necklace

Supplies needed in the seed bead necklace tutorial:

2mm Round Seed Bead



0.8mm Brass Wire


Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Supplies needed in the seed bead necklace tutorial

How to make a seed bead necklace?

Step1: Make three beaded semicircles

1st, determine the size for your seed bead necklace pendant;

2nd, cut three length of 0.8mm brass wire, be 13cm, 14cm and 15cm;

3rd, loop one end of the wire, then string the 2mm seed beads, finally make another simple loop at the other end. As the picture shows you’ll need one white semicircle and two green ones.

Make three beaded semicircles

Step2: Add the red and black units

1st, take a long eyepin, open its loop and grasp the two green semicircles and then the white one;

2nd, fill the pin with black seed beads;

3rd, create a loop at the other end and hold the three semicircles in same way.

4th, open the loop at pin bottom, hook it to a proper location on the white semicircle;

5th, string a few red seed beads (sometimes one or two black ones instead for the seeds);

6th, direct the eyepin upwards and find the opposite location on the horizontal pin;

7th, bent the vertical pin against the right opposite location;

8th; trim off the excess pin tail;

9th, flatten the cut;

10th, repeat the processes 1~6 until finished the whole semicircle.

Add the red and black units

Step3: Attach the necklace chain

1st, measure and cut a length of chain around your neck;

2nd, open the two last links and attach to the pendant;

3rd, adorn the chain with some elements consist of headpins and seed beads.

Attach the necklace chain

Congratulations! There you’ve made it!

finished seed bead necklace

So far, you’ve witness the entire processes of making such piece of seed bead necklace, will you be getting after it and making your own watermelon pendant? If you love it, make it and rock it!

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