DIY a Nice Pair of Fabric and Felt Flower Brooches with Beads and Buttons

Summary: Hi everyone, I’m here with something fun! Are you interested in DIY a pair of fabric and felt flower brooches with some beads and buttons for decorating your daughter’s clothes? Then follow us and start this funny DIY now.

Making felt brooches may be not strange to you because you can find many newly updated brooch tutorials on our Learning Center. If you like them, I believe these two flower brooches made of felt and fabric are no exception. Fabric and felt flowers in brooches will never die compared with live flowers. There are so many beautiful fabrics for you to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

fabric and felt flower brooches

Materials and tools needed for making flower brooches:


Cotton Cloth

11mm Resin Button, Flat Round, Pink

13mm Resin Button, Heart, Hot Pink

6mm Acrylic Bead Imitation Pearl, Light Goldenrod Yellow

6mm Acrylic Cabochons, Half Round, Pink

4mm Wood Beads, Oval, Mixed Color

10mm Handmade Porcelain Bead, Flower

18mm Brooch Finding

27mm Pin Back

Sewing Threads



Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making fabric and felt flower brooches

Instruction for DIY felt and fabric flower brooches:

Step 1: make a felt flower brooch

1st, cut out three leaves from green felt as the following picture shows and a strip of white felt with rippled edge measuring 10cm or so;

2nd, roll the white strip all the way around into a small flower and secure with hot glue;

3rd, glue three leaves perpendicular to each other. Glue white flower in the center with two buttons beside;

4th, glue an imitation pearl, a cabochon and two wood beads around the white flower for embellishing;

5th, glue a pin back at back side of the leaves.

make a felt flower brooch

Step 2: make felt flower and cut cloth

1st, cut out a strip of white felt and shear one long side into many thin strips;

2nd, roll the linked side of the strip into a flower and secure with hot glue;

3rd, glue a porcelain flower bead in the center of the flower;

4th, cut out four square pieces of cloth measuring 6cm;

5th, fold a square piece along one of its diagonal lines into a triangle;

6th, then fold it along the other diagonal line into a smaller triangle.

make felt flower and cut cloth

Step 3: finish the fabric brooch

1st, fold the bottom side of the triangle into three parts as a petal and pinch it;

2nd, secure the petal with thread. Repeat to make other three petals and thread them together;

3rd, pull the thread tightly and knot the end to make a fabric flower;

4th, sew the white flower with a porcelain bead in the middle of the fabric flower;

5th, adjust the flower and porcelain bead, then knot the thread;

6th, glue a brooch at back side of the fabric flower covering the ends of cloths.

finish the fabric brooch

The finished brooches are like this:

finished fabric and felt flower brooches

Enjoy your DIY fabric and felt brooches! Spending your spare time on some DIY projects is a good idea because on one hand, you can spend your time at home pleasantly and cozily. On the other hand, you will get some fantastic pieces as return.

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