How to Make Braided Bead Bracelet – Easy friendship bracelet Pattern

Summary: This tutorial is going to show you a simple way about how to make braided bead necklace out of candy-colored threads and seed beads.

I love this beautiful wavy braided bead bracelet! It is shimmering stunner in sunshine. When I figure out how to make this braided bead bracelet, I just can’t wait to share with you. It is a very easy bracelet pattern that you even being a novice can handle it!

How to Make Braided Bead Bracelet

Materials and tools:

0.5mm golden copper wire

1mm pink nylon thread

4mm pink opaque seed beads

4mm green seed beads

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier


Materials and tools:


Step 1: Make curved braiding

1st, cut 5 pieces of nylon thread that all measure about 70cm;

2nd, tie an overhand knot atop;

3rd, pass the adjoining thread under the leftmost thread, wrap a loop and make it under through itself;

4th, repeat above process and tighten the working thread to finish the first knot

5th, continue to braid knots over the original “leftmost” thread (base thread) with rest threads;

6th, the first row is done, then slide 3 green seed beads to first thread, skip the second thread, slide 3 pink seed beads to third thread, skip the fourth thread and slide 1 green seed bead to the fifth thread;

7th, do another row of braiding from rightmost to leftmost;

Step 1: Make curved braiding

8th keep braiding and beading like above;

8th keep braiding and beading like above;

Step 2: Attach clasp to finish the braided bracelet

1st, cut a piece of copper wire and coil it around the bracelet end;

2nd, make a loop against the coiling with round nose plier;

3rd, cut off excess threads and wire;

4th, in the same way handle the other end of bracelet;

5th, attach jump rings and lobster clasp to both ends.

Step 2: Attach clasp to finish the braided bracelet

The final look is like this:

finished beaded wavy bracelet

Tada! This braided bead bracelet tutorial is done! As you can see, it is really an easy friendship bracelet pattern; what you need to do is just learn one braiding skill and repeat it all along the way.

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