Easy Jewelry to Make - How to Make a Homemade Necklace with Heart Charms

Summary: In this project I demonstrate how to make a homemade necklace. It is very easy to make this charm necklace.

Necklaces are an important part to accessorize one’s outfit, even though there are many kinds of jewelries in jewelry store, but all of them are expensive. So why not learn this skill of how to make a homemade necklace and saving your money on store-bought.

 homemade necklace with heart charms

1. You will prepare in the heart charm necklace: glass pendants, iron cross chain, and golden jumprings

 materials for the homemade heart charm necklace

2. Cut off the necklace to your desired length with side cutter plier, open a jumpring and hang both end of the chain to the jumpring.

3. Open your jumpring, cross it through the hole of your charm. 

 create charms for the homemade necklace

4. Attach charms to the necklace and close the jumprings.

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