Easy Instruction on Making Black Leather Bracelets for Men

Summary: Leather looks so cool and man love it. This tutorial will teach you how to make black leather bracelets for men. You can have look if you also like leather crafts.

hen we see a man who wears leather jewelry, we may think he is a man of character. If you are worried about what gift you should send your boyfriend, the leather bracelet is a good choice. It just costs you few minutes to see the instruction of the bracelet making. It is a black leather bracelet for men.

black leather bracelets for men

4 Steps to making leather bracelets for men:

1. You will need: PU leather cord, shell bead, cord ends, brass wire, jumpring and lobster clasp.

materials in black leather bracelets for men

2. Cut two leather cords with the same length. Slide the shell bead to the middle of a leather cord and wrap the two parts of the leather cord together with brass wires. Repeat the process with another leather cord.

wrap the two parts of the leather cord

3. Glue the ends of the leathers to each cord end.

4. Add a jumpring to one cord end and then add a lobster clasp to the jumpring.

Done! The bracelet is cool. I believe your boyfriend will like it. Do you want to make one now? Follow our steps and you will make it.

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Apr 28, 2016 at 11:50 PM Kayla Laraine

I absolutely love this idea! I have a few questions, if you wouldn't mind could you email me? [email protected] (: thank you!