Easy Steps to Make Wood Rainbow Snowflake Pendant (with pictures)

Summary: Have you seen rainbow snowflake before? If you think it’s impossible, I’ll prove you. In this tutorial, we will make a wood rainbow snowflake pendant with wood beads.

This snowflake pendant is made of colorful wood beads. And you can use this pendant to make earring, necklace and brooch, or turn it into Christmas decorations; it would be nice to hang it to your Christmas tree. Let’s make it!

wood snowflake pendant

Materials in making wood snowflake pendant:
Wood beads
Brass wire
Side cutting pliers

materials in wood snowflake pendant
How to make rainbow snowflake pendant?

Step1: Cut three brass wires with the same length and fold them in half.

cut three brass wires

Step2: Intertwine each other in the center tightly.

intertwine the three brass wires

Step3: Slide 6 different colors of wood beads onto the brass wire and make a loop over the bead, and then cut off the extra wires.

slide wood beads onto the brass wire

Step4: Repeat the step3 with the other 5 brass wires.


finishing the wood snowflake pendant

So you make this wood snowflake pendant successfully. Don’t you think it is very cute? I believe you will love it.

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