How to Make Blue Ribbon Flowers for Hair or Brooch

Summary: We will guide you to make a blue ribbon flower in new style step by step with help of the below tutorial on how to make ribbon flower today.

Make a ribbon flower may be a hard thing for many people but not you, because we will teach you how to make ribbon flower in detail. Actually we have posted a lot of ribbon flower tutorials that are very popular. This ribbon flower takes blue as a main color and flowers as its theme to make it noble and cute for girls to attach to hair accessories or brooches.

blue ribbon flower

What do you need for making a ribbon flower?

25mm Polyester Ribbon, Flower

25mm Satin Ribbon, Light Blue

27mm Lace Trim

ABS Pearl Acrylic Cabochons, Mixed Color (5mm, 7mm and 10mm)

Sewing Threads




materials and tools for making blue ribbon flower

How to make blue ribbon flowers?

Step 1: make cross shapes

1st, cut out eight strips of satin ribbon measuring 10cm. Fold all strips in half and overlap the ends of each two folded strips perpendicular to each other. Sew along diagonal of the overlapped square to fasten each two ribbons as a petal;

2nd, lay each two petals into a cross shape and secure with thread;

3rd, stagger two cross shapes and overlap them;

4th, Cut six strips of floral polyester ribbon with same length and fold them in half. Thread the ends to link the ribbons and pull the thread tightly to make a flower.

make cross shapes

Step 2: finish the ribbon flower

1st, sew the flower on the cross shapes;

2nd, cut a strip of lace trim and running stitch the edge, pull the thread tightly to gather as a small flower;

3rd, sew the lace flower in the center of the ribbon flower;

4th, attach appliques with various sizes on.

finish the ribbon flower

This tutorial ‘how to make blue ribbon flowers’ is finished. This ribbon flower is suitable to your daughter too. If you favor it, try to make a ribbon flower by your own. I bet it must bring you amazing result within a few minutes.

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