Handmade Turquoise Flower Pendant Necklace with Wire Wrapped Technique

Summary: It’s a simple yet stunning handmade turquoise leather necklace. You may learn to make a wire wrapped turquoise pendant and a simple necklace within half an hour!

I’ve seen many versions of this type of turquoise necklace, from chunky to multi strand. But what I like the most about it is the combination of flexible leather cord and assorted turquoise beads, plus a carved tube bead in today’s leather turquoise necklace tutorial. It’s simple, artistic and fun! Here is how to make this simple necklace!

Handmade Turquoise Flower Pendant Necklace

Supplies needed for the turquoise leather necklace:

Square Synthetic Turquoise Beads
Round Synthetic Turquoise Beads
Drop Synthetic Turquoise Beads
6mm Natural Mashan Jade Beads
Caved Tube Bead
Cowhide Leather Cord
0.5mm Silver Brass Wire
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Hot Melt Glue Gun (optional)

Supplies needed for the turquoise leather necklace

How to make the simple turquoise bead necklace?

Step 1: Create the wire wrapped flower pendant

1st, cut a 25cm piece of 0.5mm brass wire;

2nd, string 5 drop turquoise beads to 5cm from one wire end;

3rd, take the wire to pass through the first bead for making a beaded loop;

4th, on the longer wire end, string 5 red jade beads. Next, create a beaded loop as did in the 3rd process;

5th, continually add 1 red jade bead on the longer wire end. Take the wire to exit at the back side of the turquoise flower;

6th, string another red jade bead on the wire and twist the two wires;

7th, attach the turquoise flower to the tube bead by threading the twist wire part through the center loop on it;

8th, fasten the wire with pliers. Apply some glue for secure if necessary.

Create the wire wrapped flower pendant

Step 2: Decide the necklace pattern

1st, lay the flower pendant and beads of choice on a flat according to your individual preference;

2nd, cut a 40cm piece cowhide leather cord and string the beads and pendant;

3rd, push the bead to center location. Overlap the rest leather cord ends, tie two slip knots;

4th, keep about 3mm at two cord ends and trim off the excesses.

Decide the necklace pattern


finished turquoise flower pendant necklace

Turquoise is one of the most popular jewelry making supplies. I love the classically elegance when they are lying on my wire wrapped flower pendant. This simple turquoise leather necklace is a perfect starter for anyone, even if you’ve never made anything!

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