Earring Ideas - How to Make Beaded Dangling Earrings

Summary: We are giving you a tutorial about how to make dangling earrings with beads. This handmade dangle earring is quick to make and can be created in an infinite variety of designs by using different beads.

Go with us and learn this handmade dangle earring and create them to match a favorite outfit. The main color in this earring is green, so you can find some green beads. Now let star to make the beaded earrings.

 making beaded dangling earrings

1. Things you should prepare for the handmade dangle earrings: 8mm green acrylic bead, 6mm bicone beads, 8mm glass beads, 10mm transparent acrylic beads, spacer beads, bead cap and eyepin

things you will need to make the beaded dangling earring

2. Slide beads onto eyepin in the following order: a bicone bead, an 8mm acrylic bead, a 10mm acrylic bead, a spacer bead, a 8mm glass bead, a bead cap and a 6mm bicone bead in another color, and then loop the end.

create the dangle for the beaded dangling earring

3. Open the loop and hang it on earring hook.

Congratulations, your handmade dangle earring has been made and you will be ready to wear.

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