Easy Instruction on DIY Unique Earrings for Women

Summary: We all want our earrings are unique. This tutorial will teach you to make unique earrings for woman with button mother of pearl in pandahall.com.

Mother of pearl is widely used in jewelry making. This time we will use it to make earrings. If you have interest in the unique earrings for woman, you can make them with us together.

unique button earrings

4 Steps to make the unique earrings for woman:

1. You will need: button mother of pearl, jumprings and earring hooks.

materials needed in making unique button earrings

2. Connect the button mother of pearl one by one with the jumprings.

connect the button mother of pearl

3. Add the mother of pearl dangle to the earring hook.

4. Make another one for a pair.

So the earrings are finished. You can buy some mother of pearl to make. You will be very attractive and outstanding when you wear them. Hope you like.

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