Beaded Earring Tutorial - How to Make Long and Clustered Turquoise Bead Earrings

Summary: Cool and vogue, these turquoise bead earrings will add a splash of color to any outfits. Now get the look with our bead earring tutorial, all steps are demonstrated in details with photos!

The American southwest is a considerable source of turquoise. In addition, this area is also the home to a tribe named Navajo, who used to wear turquoise bead earrings, necklaces or other accessories for the sake of health and positive energy. Otherwise, in spite of this historical factor, the turquoise is still all the rage because of its specific hue and texture. Today’s bead earring tutorial will show you how to make a bead earring, a long and clustered pair out of turquoise beads. Let’s start here.

How to Make Long and Clustered Turquoise Bead Earrings

Materials and tools needed in the turquoise bead earrings:

Assorted Turquoise Bead Strands
Earring Hook
0.5mm Brass Wire
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

Materials and tools needed in the turquoise bead earrings

How to make a bead earring?

Step1: Prepare the short wire and bead link

1st, take a 6mm round turquoise bead and a length of 10cm long brass wire. String the bead on wire and make two wrapped loop beside it;

2nd, replace the 6mm bead with a 10mm flat round one, plus connect the two beaded parts before close the wrapped loop off;

3rd, repeat the two processes above for another wire and bead link.

Prepare the short wire and bead link

Step2: Make the chip pendants

String the chip turquoise bead onto headpins respectively. Make a simple loop at top. For one complete pair you may need 15~25 units. 

Make the chip pendants

Step3: Assemble the earrings

1st, cut a short chain link, plus make two beaded chain embellishments using one 4mm and one 8mm turquoise beads; 

2nd, lay the prepared elements on flat as picture show;

decide the earring pattern

3rd, connect the earring hook, short beaded chain (in step 1), chain and beaded chain embellishments;

4th, hook the chip bead pendants in step 2 onto the wrapped loop below bead and first two links of chain;

Assemble the earrings

5th, repeat the processes above for the other piece.


finished vintage turquoise bead earrings

So, the bead earring tutorial about this style of turquoise bead earrings is finished! Each time, once paired the turquoise beads with brass wire, the stone will make attractive adornments surprisingly. 

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