How to Make a Brilliant Felt Flower Necklace with Ribbon for Little Girls

Summary: Hello! Welcome to learn how to make felt flower necklaces with this wonderful tutorial which is simple enough even for little girls. Trust us that this felt flower necklace is pretty for you!

This DIY felt and ribbon necklace will be perfect matched with sweater for little girls. Your daughter must like this felt flower necklace in dreamlike colors.

make felt flower necklace

Materials and tools needed for making a felt flower necklace:

8mm Colorful Acrylic Beads, Abacus, White

6mm Satin Ribbon, Gainesboro

Felt (White, Purple, Pink)


Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making felt flower necklace

How to make a flower necklace for little girls?

Step 1: cut round pieces from felt

1st, cut out three strips of felt in each color;

2nd, cut out five same round pieces from the three strips;

3rd, take a round piece and shear an opening along the radius;

4th, shear other round pieces in the same way.

cut round pieces from felt

Step 2: make felt flowers and finish the necklace

1st, hold two round pieces in matched color and insert their openings in each other;

2nd, continue to insert three round pieces in the opening of first round piece as a round flower and secure with glue. Do the same to another two colors;

3rd, glue three felt flowers in the middle of a long ribbon separately. Glue two abacus beads at each gap between every two flowers including both sides;

4th, cut out two small round felts in different colors and glue them to the ends of ribbon.

make felt flowers and finish the necklace

This is the final look:

finished felt flower necklace

For little girls, this brilliant felt flower necklace will be a fun accessory to match her clothes in princess style. You can follow our step-by-step instruction to make this felt flower necklace right now if you have felt and a few beads lying around.

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