DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorial - How to Braid Triple Paracord Bracelets

Summary: This friendship bracelet tutorial is gonna tutor you a beginner-way regarding how to make a triple-paracord-braiding bracelet with 3 different but similar colors of threads in ombre style.

I have been preparing this quite simple DIY friendship bracelet tutorial for those who have a hard time calling themselves skillful crafters but still favor participation into handcraft things. In this tutorial, I make triple paracord friendship bracelets, forming a stacked pattern which I like most. 

DIY ombre friendship bracelet

Materials and tools for DIY ombre friendship bracelet:

1mm aqua nylon thread

1mm light purple nylon thread

1mm blue nylon thread

0.5mm silvery brass wire

Ends with chains and clasps

Jump rings

Wire cutter


Instructions on DIY combre friendship bracelet:

Step 1: Make paracord braiding

1st, cut a 35cm piece of blue thread and tie a lark head knot over jump ring;

2nd, cut a 70cm piece of blue thread and braid square knots;

3rd, when the braiding is 6.5cm long, stop to thread the 4 strands through one loop of the clasp component and fold them back;

4th, coil silvery copper wire around the folded strands 5 times or more;

5th, cut off excess wire and threads, and the half of paracord bracelet is done;

Step 1: Make paracord braiding

6th, repeat above process and make the other half of the blue bracelet; 

repeat above process and make the other half of the blue bracelet

Step 2: Finish the friendship bracelet

Continue to make the purple braiding and aqua braiding over the rest loops of clasp components;

Finish the friendship bracelet

The final look of this friendship bracelet is like this:

finished ombre friendship bracelet

Ta-da! You have created this ombre paracord friendship bracelet! If you think this DIY friendship bracelet tutorial is that useful to you, I will be ecstatic to believe my tutorial has finished its task. By the way this 3-color match belongs to the “pure” category.

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it is very nice

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Really nice I learned a lot.

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Feb 25, 2019 at 11:00 AM Paula Giles

Could you please specify the exact names of the pieces and sizes. I have looked and looked for the materials