An Easy Way to Make Heart Shaped Earrings with Wire and Beads

Summary: How to make a unique heart shaped earring with easy steps? This time I want to share with you a step by step instruction on making earrings with wire and beads.

When speaking of the heart shaped jewelry, it will be commonly seen as the best gift during Valentine's Day. Today I will show you this heat shaped earring. 

 wire heart shaped earring

Supplies you will need in the wire heart earring making:

0.8 mm Brass Wires

Jade Beads with 6mm, 10mm and 12mm


Bead reamer

Round nose plier 

Side cutting plier

 things you need to make the heart shaped earring

Instructions on making heart shaped earring:

1. Prepare a piece of brass wire with 12cm; make a small loop in the middle of the wire with round nose plier. 

2. Put the reamer on the top right of the small loop; hold the wire and rotate it around reamer until it forms a “u” and then loop the end.

3. By using this way you can finish a complete heart.

4. Hold the wire about in line with the small loop, bend the wire back slightly.

make the heart for the earring

5. Slide jade beads onto the headpin according to the order from big too small, make a simple loop.

 make the dangle for the earring

6. Attach the headpin to the heart.

That’s all of the wire and bead earrings. Don’t you think the heart shaped earring is a perfect for some quick Valentine's Day gifts? Hope you like it!

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