Easy Instruction on DIY Bead Earrings with Shell Beads

Summary: We can see many earrings are made by beads. And you can learn how to diy bead earrings from this tutorial.

Do you have special earrings? The earrings we are going to make are very beautiful. You will like them. The materials are very simple. So it’s very convenient for you to make them with our instruction.

bead earrings

4 Steps to DIY bead earrings:

1. Prepare materials: shell beads, pink quartz beads, headpins and earring hooks.

materilas needed in making bead earrings

2. Thread a headpin through one hole of the shell bead and a pink quartz bead and then out from another hole of the shell bead.

slide beads onto the headpin

3. Make a loop over the shell bead and cut off the extra wire.

4. Repeat above steps to make another earring.

So you have DIY the bead earrings. The pink bead matches well with the shell bead. You will be very elegant and attractive when you wear them. Develop your imagination to create more.

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