A New Way to Make Earrings - DIY Triangle Earrings

Summary: You will be amazed by creating this DIY triangle earring with just a few beads eyepins, and a little chain.

If you have much other jewelry such as necklace or bracelet but fewer earrings, here is a chance for you to make this triangle shaped earrings to match with them. It is super easy to make, whether you are a beginner or an old jewelry maker, you can create this DIY triangle earrings very fast.

 diy triangle earrings

1. You will need: eyepins, colorful acrylic beads, earring hooks and chain

 materials for making the triangle earing

2. Prepare an eyepin, slide acrylic beads onto the eyepin randomly, and loop the end.

3. Cut off the chain with 10cm; thread both ends of the chain to the loops of the eyepin.

 make the frame for triangle earring

4. Find the intermediate point of the chain and hang it on earring hook.

As you can see, this is really a new method to make the triangle dangle earrings. Do you satisfied with our DIY triangle earrings?

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