4 Steps to Make a Wire Wrapped Ring with Green Beads (tutorial with pictures)

Summary: This wire wrapped ring tutorial is interesting and easy to follow, and it won’t take you much time. Following we will show you how to make this wire wrapped ring with pictures.

Do you worry about what gift should you send to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here, we would like to offer you a good idea that you can make couples rings for you and your lover. It is meaningful. I believe your lover will like this great gift. So let’s learn the wire wrapped ring tutorial.

brass wire wrapped ring

Supplies needed in brass wire ring:

Bicone glass beads

Brass wire

Side cutting pliers

materials needed in wire wrapped ring

How to make a wire wrapped ring?

Step1: String four glass beads to the middle of a brass wire.

string four glass beads to the brass wire

Step2: Wrap the wire into circle by measuring your finger.

wrap the wire into circle

Step3: Continue to wrap the right piece of the wire around the glass beads loosely and then the left shank.

wrap the shank

Step4: Repeat the step4 with the left piece of wire.


finishing the wire wrap ring

So the beautiful wire wrapped ring is finished. Actually, you can use the beads you like to make it and then you will get your own ring. Expect your project.

Good luck!

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