How to Make a Nifty Red Bow Hair Clip with Ribbon for Girls

Summary: Today we will show you how to make a red bow hair clip with ribbon to meet your needs of collecting hair bows for girls with various designs.

Hair bows are common items for girls that a girl may own several ribbon bow hair clips more or less. Follow this instruction of how to make a bow hair clip, your family of hair bows will add an indispensable member. With the perfect combination of bright red color and elegant ivory color, I really don’t know what can be better than this hair bow.

make a ribbon hair bow for girls

What do you need for making a hair bow for girls?

25mm Satin Ribbon, Ivory

20mm Grosgrain Satin Ribbon, Red

6mm Satin Ribbon, Red

Sewing Threads


Hair Barrette




materials and tools for making a ribbon hair bow

How to make a bow hair clip with ribbon?

Step 1: make a bow

1st, cut out two strips of ivory ribbon and glue the ends in the middle. Fold two bows and secure with glue;

2nd, sew two bows together as the picture shows. Cut out a strip of 6mm red ribbon for wrapping the bow and glue it to the bow.

make a bow

Step 2: make another two bows

1st, make a bow in the same way with 20mm red ribbon and make a bow with tails using 6mm red ribbon. Glue the bow with tails in the middle of the large red bow;

2nd, attach a sparkly applique to the middle of the bow.

make another two bows

Step 3: stick hair clip

1st, cut out a short strip of 6mm red ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the ivory bow, then secure both ends with sewing thread. Glue the ivory bow to the hair clip in place;

2nd, glue the red bow on the ivory bow.

stick hair clip

Do you have the same feeling with us that hair bows are absolutely necessary for a girl? This tutorial ‘how to make a bow hair clip’ will make you be deeply in love with ribbon hair bows.

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