Jewelry Design Ideas - How to Make a Handmade Flowery Turquoise Bracelet

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Do you think wearing a turquoise bead bracelet is very fascinating and alluring in the hot summer? This handmade jewelry which I will introduce to you is about turquoise bracelets for women.

 Handmade Flowery Turquoise Bracelet

1. Supplies you will need: turquoise beads, brass spacer beads in different color, and elastic wire.

 supplies for making the Handmade Flowery Turquoise Bracelet

2. Decide on a desired length of the elastic wire; start to slide beads in the order of a turquoise bead, a golden bead spacer, a silver bead spacer

 sliding beads for the Flowery Turquoise Bracelet

3. Tie a slide knot and trim off the extra part.

See, we have completed this turquoise bead bracelet, as the turquoise jewelry has a timeless beauty, you can make more in different styles.

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