Handmade Wire Wrapped Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace with Seed Beads

Summary: This heart shaped pendant necklace is so cute that you can’t look away from it. Are you struck by this heart pendant necklace? In this article, we will show you how to make it in details.

Today the tutorial is about making heart shaped pendant necklace. You may think of love first at the mention of heart. And you’re right. It is a piece of great jewelry and gift for yourself or your lover. So let’s make this love heart pendant necklace right now.

heart pendant necklace

Materials in making heart shaped pendant necklace:

Glass seed beads

Brass chain

Lobster clasp (with jumpring)


Aluminum wire

Brass wire

materials in heart pendant necklace

3 steps to make heart shaped pendant necklace:

1. Make heart shaped pendant.

1st, cut a certain length of aluminum wire and make it into a heart shape as picture shows below.

2nd, use brass wire to wrap the seed beads around the newly-made heart.

3rd, continue wrapping the heart until it reaches your desired length.

4th, wrap the two ends of the heart together with brass wire.

steps to make heart pendant necklace

2. Add the jumprings and chains.

1st, slide jumpring to each end of the heart shaped pendant.

2nd, attach the brass chains on.

3. Add the clasp and jumpring to the chains.

A heart shaped pendant necklace is born.

finishing the heart pendant necklace

Just with few minutes you can get a beautiful heart shaped pendant necklace. Give it a try. And you will gain much fun from this interesting tutorial.

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