DIY a Personalized Leather Beaded Wrap Bracelet with Hazy Beauty

Summary: Find out how to make a wrap bracelet with leather cord and beads here! Shining with blear and faint light, the color of beads makes this beaded wrap bracelet so unique.

We can see that many wrap bracelets are very complicated such as Chan Luu bracelets. They are absolutely very beautiful, but beaded wrap bracelets can also be simple to make. We choose leather cords to guarantee the texture of this bracelet and don’t use large amounts of beads because it cost much less. What’s more, we believe that simple wrap bracelets have their own grace and charm.

DIY a leather beaded wrap bracelet

What do you need to make beaded warp bracelet?

8mm Natural Agate Beads Strand

17mm Transparent Acrylic Bead, Faceted Cube

7mm Transparent Acrylic Beads, Cube

6mm Colorful Acrylic Beads, Round, Black

1mm Leather Cord, Black

0.8mm Nylon Thread, Black


Lighter (Not Shown)

materials and tools for leather beaded wrap bracelet

How to make a leather wrap bracelet?

Step 1: wrap beaded leather cord

As a starter, cut out a long enough leather cord and melt one end with lighter to make it pointed to thread beads easier. Make a knot at the other end leaving about 5cm from the edge.

1st, thread the faceted cube bead with a black round bead at each side and push them next to the knot. Then knot again for securing;

2nd, make another knot about 5cm from previous knot. Thread four black round beads and three cube beads alternate with each other, then knot for securing;

3rd, loop the long tail and tie it with the short tail measuring your wrist;

4th, loop the long tail in opposite direction to wrap another circle without tying.

wrap beaded leather cord

Step 2: make another bead strand

5th, cut out a string of nylon thread and thread seven agate beads;

6th, separate these beads with knots as shown;

7th, wrap the agate beads strand around the beaded leather cord and tie the ends to both side of the faceted cube bead;

8th, tie the ends of double leather cords by wrapping many circles around with a short nylon thread. Trim off excess cord and melt the ends.

make another bead strand

Look at the final look:

finished leather beaded wrap bracelet

Looking at this beaded wrap bracelet with leather cord, do you have a feeling of peace and calmness just as me? We hope it can bring good luck to you.

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