Easy Homemade Jewelry Ideas - How to Make a Charm Bracelet with Aluminum Beads

Summary: This tutorial just shows you guys how to make a charm bracelet with aluminum beads, making this charm bracelet and sent it to girlfriends is the best choice for boys.

Being fond of handcraft is a kind of happy experience, here we provide varies of jewelry making ideas for you. Today you will learn how to make a charm bracelet with aluminum beads step – by – step.

 make a charm bracelet with aluminum beads

1. Materials you should prepare in the charm bracelet design: aluminum beads,  brass chain, lobaster claw clasp and jumpring.

 materials for charm bracelet design

2. Prepare 3 trips of chain, hang them onto an opened jumpring and start to compile three strands braided.

3. Slide your beads onto the headpins, and make a loop on the end and cut off the excess part. 

 create charms for the bracelet

4. Attach the charms to the chain by opening the loop.

5. Add on the clasp.

Do you succeed in mastering the tutorial of how to make this bracelet with aluminum beads? Hope you will like it.

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