Homemade Wire Wrapped Pearl Pendant Tutorial

Summary: In this tutorial, we are going to make a wire wrapped pendant. You can also make it just with several easy step.

You may wonder how to wire wrap a pendant? Actually it is very easy to do it. And this wire wrap pendant tutorial will teach you step by step. You will acquire it soon.

wire wrapped pearl pendant

4 Steps to make wire wrapped pendant:

1. You will need: pearl beads and brass wire.

materials of making wire wrapped pendant

2. Slide three pearl beads onto a brass wire.

making wire wrapped pendant step

3. Start to wrap the wire around the pearl bead up to top of it and wrap the base of the wire. Then continue wrapping the wire around the second and third pearl bead in the same way.

4. Make a loop with another piece of the wire over the wraps. Cut off the extra wires.

This wire wrapped pendant looks gorgeous. The brass wire matches well with the pearl beads. I believe it can help you to create beautiful jewelry.

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