Sweet Candy Globe Earrings Project - Perfect Craft to Make at Home

Summary: This globe earrings project is going to show you how to make a pair of sweet candy globe earrings with blown glass beads and faceted drop beads; it’s one perfect craft to make at home.

<span "="">We love sweets and candy globes! Here is a great way to honor all colorful, delicious, little goodies in the world and show how much you appreciate them. Make your own spiffy and lovely earrings resembling the dainty and cute candy globes from a candy machine.

sweet candy globe earrings

Materials needed for the globe earrings:

1) 2pcs. Clear Round Blown Glass Beads

2) 2pcs. Clear Facetted Drop Beads

3) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Headpins

4) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Alloy Beads

5) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Bead Caps

6) 2pcs. Red copper-color Bead Caps

7) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Bead Caps

8) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Earring Hooks

9) Some Seed Beads to fill both Blown Glass Beads

10) 2pcs. Red Copper-color Jumprings

materials needed for making the candy globe earrings


1) 1 Flat Nose Pliers

2) 1 Round Nose Pliers

3) 1 Side Cutting Pliers

tools needed for making the candy globe earrings

Instructions on making the candy globe earrings:

Step 1: Prepare the earring dangles

1st, fill both clear blown glass beads with the seed beads;

2nd, put one headpin through each blown glass bead and start stringing the following items: 6, 7, 4, 5 and 2 as seen on the picture.

Prepare the earring dangles

Step 2: Finish candy globe earrings

1st, grab the end of the headpin with the round nose plier and form an eye;

2nd, open up both jump rings with the flat and round nose plier, add the earring hooks to them and put them through the eyes you formed in the last step. Finally close the jump rings.

Finish candy globe earrings

Great! Your little sweet candy globe earrings are finished. Enjoy the remarkable appearance of filled glass beads and amaze people with their sweet awesomeness. Have fun to make this craft jewelry at home.

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