Easy Tutorial on Making Bead Hoop Earrings with Jade Beads Step by Step

Summary: Bead hoop earrings are always simple and eye-dazzling; it would be perfectly matched with exotic outfit. Now we will guide you to make hoop earrings with jade beads.

In making this beaded hoop earrings, I select some bright and cute beads which will make them more adorable. If you wanna sweet style, pearl and crystal beads are the first choice. And we will show you the making process in details. You can make them with the instruction.

bead hoop earrings project

5 steps to make bead hoop earrings:

1. Prepare materials: natural mashan jade beads (red and lightsalmon), memory wire, headpin and earring hook.

materials of making bead hoop earrings

2. Cut a certain length of memory wire. Slide red and lightsalmon jade bead onto it and make loop with its two ends.

step 1 to make bead hoop earrings

3. Make bead dangles. Slide red and lightsalmon jade bead onto headpin and make a simple loop over the bead.

make dangles of bead hoop earrings

4. Hook the bead dangles onto the newly-made hoop.

5. Hook the hoop to the earring hook.

So the bead hoop earrings are just finished. You can make the hoop as big as you want. And you can make these bead hoop earrings into your desired style.

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