Multi-purpose Wire Wrapped Ankle Bracelet Tutorial - Sparkle Your Wrist as well as Foot

Summary: Now you can dress yourself up, super fast and super easy with this multi-purpose beaded ankle bracelet for women, with easy-to-follow how-to instructions guide.

<span "="">Wire wrapping jewelry is one of the oldest and most artistic handmade jewelry accessories. In each piece, jewelry wire plays a substantial role, and sometimes so does the beads. In today’s wire wrapped jewelry, we’ll show you how to make a multi- purpose bracelet fit for both wearing on wrist and the ankle.

wire wrapped ankle bracelet

Supplies needed for making the beaded chain bracelet:

4mm & 6mm Turquoise Bead

2mm Round Seed Bead

Opaque Resin Flower Beads

Bead Cap

Lobster Claw Clasp


0.5mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Supplies needed for making the beaded chain bracelet

How to start the wire wrapped ankle bracelet?

Step1: Create a wire and bead chain

String the 6mm bead on wire and create wrapped loop with wire tail. For a detailed guide on how to make wire wrapped link, please head over to our WIRE WRAP TECHNIQUES.

Create a wire and bead chain

Step2: Design a focal adornment

1st, while finishing the last wrapped loop of link, string the bead cap, then one 4mm turquoise bead and one 2mm seed bead;

2nd, take the wire to go back through the 4mm turquoise bead and bead cap;

3rd, leave about 2cm blank wire and pull the wire to make seed bead move towards the 4mm bead as close as possible;

4th, bend the wire and make it go through the bead cap upwards;

5th, string another 4mm turquoise bead and 2mm seed bead;

6th, make the same branch as before;

7th, repeat bringing the wire tail go through the bead cap and adding on the proper beads;

8th, when the bead cap is stuffed with the branches, push the bead cap towards to the 4mm bead and then bundle up the blank 2cm wire;

9th, during wrapping, adorn the coils with one resin flower and one 2mm seed bead;

10th, cut off the excess wire and stuck the sharp tip among the coils.

Design a focal adornment

Step3: Attach the clasp and end chain

1st, open the last link of short chain and attach to one end;

2nd, on the other end, add the lobster claw clasp onto the bead cap using the jumpring.

Attach the clasp and end chain

See it? 

final multi-purpose bead and wire bracelet

Here you’ve finished all basics for the wire wrapped (ankle) bracelet. Create your personalized wire wrapping jewelry and bring the sparkle to your wrist as well as foot, in every special occasion. 

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