How to make bracelets out of beads- engaged in bead bracelet instructions

Summary: In the tutorial “how to make bracelets out of beads”, I am going to introduce the bead bracelet instructions and show you how to make an eye-catching bracelet; and I align each step with clear diagram for every Diyer’s possible reference.

I know bead bracelet instructions are commonly seen and sought by craft fans, and I also know some of you have been tired of tedious beaded strand bracelet, fragile, girly and too exquisite; here the tutorial “how to make bracelets out of beads” will showcase you a different kind, although still beaded one, but in completely style, I guess you will get interested in it!

The materials and tools for how to make bracelets out of beads:

13mm dyed shell beads in yellow color

6mm Cube glass beads in transparent white and black colors

4mm seed beads in pink and light blue colors

Tiger tail wire

Jump rings

Bead tips


fFlat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter

Bead bracelet instructions are displayed as below:


Step 1: prepare beaded strands

First, snip 5 pieces of wires 20cm long;

Second, thread beads onto each, finishing the beaded strand one by one;

Third, add a bead tip to one end of the strands;

Step 2: do 5-strand-braiding
Follow the diagram to make the 5-strand-braiding;
Step 3: finish the bead bracelet
First, twist the ends of beaded strands together and slide another bead tip;
Second, trim off the excess wire and attach clasp to each end.
Call it a day! My tutorial how to make bracelet out of beads are ended up; the finished bracelet is just like miniature of statement necklace; it seems to be much neat and organized, not bizarre; therefore it will be a nice piece of jewelry suitable for almost every occasion. 

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