How to Make a Hair Comb with Bow for Kids

Summary: Looking for hair bows for kids that perfectly match their outfits? Why pay good money for them when you can make your own with a little craftiness? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a hair comb with a ribbon bow.

If you are interested in making hair comb for kids, you can learn how to do here. Depending on what you add to the hair comb, you can get different styles of decorative hair combs. With white or creamy beads or crystals, you may own fantastic bridal accessories. While with a simple bow, you can make a cute hair comb for daily wearing.

What do you need in this hair comb?

25mm Satin Ribbon Heart Patterned

6mm Satin Ribbon Dark Blue

Sewing Threads


Hair Comb



Double-Sided Tape



How to make a hair comb with bow?

Step 1: make a bow

Cut out a strip of heart-patterned ribbon with length of 16cm and seal the ends with lighter. Make a loop with the ribbon and stick both ends with double-sided tape. Make sure the ends are in the middle of the backside. Fold a bow with a long strip of dark blue ribbon and sew it in the middle of the wider ribbon.

Step 2: add embellishment

Attach the applique to the middle of the bow and secure with thread.

Step 3: stick hair comb

Glue the bow to the hair comb in place.

Learning how to make a hair comb can be a fun way to enjoy yourself in making your own accessories. And wearing handmade hair bows for kids can add spice to a plain outfit. You should try!

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