DIY a Colorful Wooden Bead Necklace with Hemp Rope

Summary: Find out how to DIY a colorful wooden bead necklace in this tutorial. The bright colors are so pretty for autumn, and the hemp rope gives this necklace more ethnic flavor.

With this DIY wooden bead necklace tutorial, you'll have a new bauble necklace that can let you feel stylish in no time. To make this colorful bead necklace only needs a few simple materials and a little patience. You can customize this necklace by changing the colors of beads or the type of chain to make a one-of-a-kind trendy necklace. The creation is actually endless!

What do you need in a wooden bead necklace?

8mm Wood Beads Mixed Color

6mm Colorful Acrylic Beads (White and Red)

15mm Flat Round Mother of Pearl Button

8mm Rhinestone Beads

3mm Acrylic Bead Strand Imitation Pearl

CCB Acrylic Pendants Flower

0.5mm Brass Wire

Hemp Rope


Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

How to make a colorful wooden bead necklace?

Step 1: slide on pendant and beads

1st, snip a short brass wire, pass through the flower pendant and twist both ends;

2nd, hang the pendant on the middle of a long brass wire by wrapping the short wire. Slide on one 6mm white bead at each side;

3rd, thread one green wood bead per side;

4th, continue to thread three wood beads in different colors (here are purple, yellow and orange orderly) per side.

Step 2: finish the long necklace

5th, add a rhinestone bead at each side, then a dark green wood bead and a rose red wood bead with two rhinestone beads as spacers;

6th, thread a black wood bead, a 6mm red bead and a 6mm white bead at each side;

7th, cut excessive brass wire and make loops at both ends with the round nose plier;

8th, cut out two long pieces of hemp rope and thread through the loops of brass wire.

Step 3: add a short bead strand

9th, snip a short brass wire, make a loop at one end, then thread a 3mm bead and a red wood bead. Repeat to make the other piece;

10th, attach these two pieces to the necklace next to the white beads by wrapping the brass wire;

11th, cut out another hemp rope and thread four mother of pearl beads;

12th, attach the mother of pearl bead strand to the long necklace by knotting hemp ropes.

Step 4: make closure

13th, tie a sliding knot at the ends of hemp rope and add a wood bead at each end.

This is the final look:

If you and your friends have a common interest in DIY, this wooden bead necklace would be a perfect project to do with a group of friends. Then everyone will have a beautiful necklace to take home!

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