Pandahall Free Tutorial on How to Make a Paracord Bracelet Step By Step

Summary: In this article, I will share you one sample of the professional easy Paracord bracelet tutorial;and furthermore, the way to undo a real Paracord bracelet.

The Paracord is considered a crucial survival tool in the outdoor adventures and a Paracord bracelet is the right thing allows you to carry larger amounts of them easily. While there came across an emergency, it can be taken part with much effort. For example: sewing repairs, knitting nets and so on. Hence, here I present how to make a paracord bracelet step by step. The following are the details.

Things you'll need in making an easy paracord bracelet:

1mm Nylon Thread

1.5mm Nylon Thread (or paracord)




Details in paracord bracelets instructions:

Step1: Essential procedures for a paracord bracelet

1. Snip 150cm 1.5mm nylon thread off the coil and then fold it. Next, tie the thinner thread at about 20cm beside the center (that length may depend on your wrist size);

2. Cross the left working end over the holding end to the right side and then up through the loop;

3. Repeat the same process with right working end;

4. Pull the two working ends to tighten the two loops;

5. Again, take the left working end and cross it under the holding end and then down through the loop. So does the right working end.

6. Working with the two ends alternately in above ways until you almost get to the bottom.

Step2: Make a manual closure for your paracord bracelet

1. Trim off the excess part of two working ends and melt the ending with lighter;

2. Slid the shell button onto either of the thinner thread;

3. Fasten the button by knots.

Step3: How to undo paracord bracelet

To change the bracelet back to the paracord strand, you also only need 2 simple steps: remove the shell button and pull out the holding ends.

The paracord bracelet with button can be designed in any colors and styles. What a cool and functional ornament, I love it soooo much! You can follow my easy paracord bracelet tutorial and make one for yourself or your kids!

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