How to Make Glass Jewelry at Home – Dangling DIY beaded Oriental Evening Earrings

Summary: Want to know something new about making glass jewelry at home? These beaded Oriental evening earrings are a new design, focusing on exotic culture and beauty.

At warm nights, under colorful lights, belly dancers are dancing to oriental music and absolutely are in touch with nature. Catch the beauty of the orient in jewelry and make your own Oriental Evening Earrings by following this amazing earring DIY tutorial.

make a pair of glass bead earrings at home

Materials needed for the diy beaded earrings:

1) 10pcs. Black Brass Ball Headpins

2) 4pcs. Black Brass Eyepins ~4cm

3) 2pcs. Black Iron Earring Hooks

4) 4pcs. Black Iron Bead Caps

5) 2pcs. Black Iron Bead Caps

6) 2pcs. Black Iron Jumprings

7) 2pcs. Honey-color Facetted Glass Beads

8) 4pcs. Light Green Facetted Glass Beads

9) 2pcs. Purple Facetted Glass Beads

10) 2pcs. Blown Glass Beads

11) 2pcs. Clear Facetted Glass Beads

12) 2pcs. Green Facetted Glass Beads

13) 4pcs. Yellow Facetted Glass Beads

materials needed for the glass bead earrings


1) 1 Side Cutting Pliers

2) 1 Round Nose Pliers

3) 1 Flat Nose Pliers

tools needed for the diy beaded earrings

instructions on making the glass bead earring:

Step 1: Prepare bead links and dangles

1st, take two eyepins and string one bead no. 7 and one bead No.8 on each. Cut the eyepin as seen on the picture about one centimeter above the bead with your side cutting plier.

2nd, grab the end of the eyepin with the round nose plier and form an eye.

3rd, string the beads no. 8 (two of them), 9, 11, 12 and 13 (two of them) on the 10 ball headpins. Cut the pins in different length as shown on the picture.

4th, grab the ends of the ball headpins and form an eye on each.

create the bead links and dangles

Step 2: Make body parts of earring dangles

1st, open up the eyes of the two last headpins and add five of the ball headpins to each. Close the eyepin with the flat nose plier.

2nd, string the following items to the pin: 5, 4, 10, 4, 13. Cut the pin if required and form an eye as you did before.

make the body part of earring dangles

Step 3: Finish the earrings

1st, to the eyes you just formed, add the two bead links you made in step 1;

2nd, just add one jump ring and one earring hook to each top of the earrings.

finishe one of the beaded earrings

Congratulations! The DIY earrings tutorial is done! You got your own Oriental Evening Earrings. Enjoy their soft and warm colors and let them take you to a secret place where the fire of orient still exists.

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