Easy Instruction on DIY Acrylic Earrings

Summary: Do you have earrings made with acrylic beads? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one. This tutorial will teach you to make acrylic earrings.

There are a lot of jewelries made of acrylic beads. And this time we will use acrylic beads to make acrylic earrings. They are simple but decent. You can learn it if you want acrylic earrings.

acrylic earrings

3 Steps for making acrylic earrings:

1. Things you’ll need: acrylic beads, brass chain, jumprings and earring hooks.

materials of acrylic earrings

2. Cut two 7cm brass chains.

3. Slide an acrylic bead onto each brass chain. Thread a jumpring through the two ends of the brass chain.

slide an acrylic bead onto each brass chain

4. Slide the jumpring to the earring hook.

You can wear them when you have date. And you can use other beads to make if you want to change new one.

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