Learn how to make beaded jewelry for kids with simple materials and processes

Summary: To learn how to make beaded jewelry is the lifelong pursuit of most craft fancier, especially for the beloved ones, the passion and desire even increase much as the time changing. Hence, today, I will show you a tutorial on how to make beaded jewelry for kids.

Beaded jewelry is always very simple to make and fun to wear. Those super surprising items can be made with most normal stuffs. To learn how to make beaded jewelry for your beloved ones, especially the family and friends, is really a pleasant and significant reminisce. And when the gift receiver can take part in the project, things will be further memorable. Here, I prepared such one on how to make beaded jewelry for kids, in which you can count your little angles in.

Let’s start to learn how to make beaded jewelry for kids:

Things you’ll need:

Natural Jade Bead 

Freshwater Pearl Bead

8/0 Glass Seed Bead

Organza Ribbon

Crimp Bead



Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Instructions for how to make beaded jewelry for kids:

Step1: string the seed beads and Jade beads

1. Cut out 60cm long tiger tail wire and add one Jumpring onto one end by crimp bead;

2. Slid on about 20 pieces seed beads and then form a loop by passing wire again through the first 6 beads as picture show; 

3. String one Jade bead;

4. Repeat the above steps until attach on all 5 Jade Beads;

5. End the portion by one Jumpring and one crimp bead as did in beginning.

Step2: adorn the necklace more prominent

Take out the pearl beads and headpin to make the below pendants with tools;

Next, hook them on the central location of seed beads loops.

Step3: design the rest necklace portion

For a child, I choose the Soft Organza Ribbon as to tie the necklace around. Just prepare two ribbon strips and pass through the two Jumprings on end tips. Finally, tie a bow and you will finish whole necklace right now.

In a word, to learn how to make beaded jewelry for kids, it is very necessary to fitly consider the security of materials you may use and the safety of making processes if you wanna make it together with your kids. Have a great time!

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