How to Make Knotted Bead Bracelets with Suede Cord

Summary: This knotted bead bracelet tutorial is a creative and simple-to-learn project for every craft person. I dig out many fancy ways to make knotted bead braceles and share them with you; and bet this one you will also love!

, and focus on creative and hands-on jewelry tutorial, so I get this how to make knotted bead bracelets:

Suede cords

glass pearls



Step 1: make the top loop

1st, snip a strand of suede cord measuring 4 times of your wrist size;

2nd, fold cord in half and at one end wrap a loop and secure.

Step 2: knotting and beading

Thread beads and make knots alternately to braid the bracelet.

Step 3: end up the knotted bracelets

When its length reaches to fit over the wrist, make an overhand knot and trim off the excess.

After trying this project, you will find that the finalized piece decidedly live up to the tutorial name “how to make knotted bead bracelets with suede cord. It should be listed in the good ways to make  bracelets in unisex style, and particularly fit over skinny wrists.

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