Make Your Own Comely Ocean Style Charm Bracelet in Few Minutes

Summary: Do you like ocean style bracelet? Today we will teach you to make your own charm bracelet with transparent blue beads and chains which may remind us of the ocean.

The inspiration of making this ocean chain bracelet comes from vast ocean, especially the mysterious and charming blue. This blue bracelet would be perfect for matching with long flowing dress while walking by the beach. Just come with us to feel the unique beauty of ocean.

Materials and tools needed in this ocean style bracelet:

10mm Glass Pendants Heart

14.5mm Tibetan Style Pendants Star

30mm Brass Slide Lock Clasps

Handmade Alloy Chain

Brass Cross Chain

Jump Rings (5mm*9 and 10mm*4)

Hook and Eye Clasps

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

How to make your own charm bracelet?

Step 1: attach a chain

1st, snip a piece of alloy chain measuring your wrist and attach both ends to the first hole of two slide lock clasps with a 5mm jump ring separately;

2nd, use four 10mm jump rings to attach four heart pendants to the every other link of the chain.

Step 2: attach the other chain

3rd, snip a piece of brass chain to link the fourth holes of two slide lock clasps with a small jump ring at each side;

4th, attach five star pendants to the brass chain with similar interval.

Attach hook and eye clasp, this bracelet is done.

Now you’ve known how to make an ocean style bracelet, you must understand that making your own bracelet is not as difficult as you imagined before. Let’s get started now!

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