Tutorial on Pink Beaded Necklace with Leather Cord

Summary: In this beaded necklace tutorial, you will see a fantastic pink beaded necklace in style being created step by step. This necklace is a perfect combination of princess and cool style.

Are you ready for some original creations? Most of pink necklaces are so sweet and perfectly embody the feeling of princess. So we come up with this bead necklace for girls who love cool things as well as pink items. Follow this tutorial to make a necklace for adding color to the depressed autumn and improving your mood.

What do you need in making a pink beaded necklace?

12mm Colorful Acrylic Beads Deep Pink

33mm Cone Frosted Acrylic Pendants Pink

4mm Opaque Acrylic Beads White

14.5mm Tibetan Style Pendants Star

16mm Tibetan Style Pendant Star

1mm Leather Cord

Handmade Alloy Chain

Brass Cross Chain

Jump Rings


Flat Nose Plier

How to make a beaded necklace?

Step 1: string a bead chain

1st, cut out a string of leather cord which is long enough. Slide on a pink bead, a white bead, a cone bead and a white bead again until you have such six sets and then slide on one pink bead at the end;

2nd, attach four 14.5mm star pendants along the beads with similar interval.

Step 2: attach a metal chain

3rd, take off two links from alloy chain;

4th, attach two smaller star pendants to both ends and a larger pendant to the middle of the chain with jump rings;

5th, use two jump rings to link a piece of brass chain measuring 7cm with each end of the alloy chain;

6th, make two knots on each tail of leather cord that one is next to the last bead while the other knot is above the first one 7cm or so. Attach the chain to the second knot with jump rings.

Step 3: make closure clasp

7th, cut out a short leather cord and tie sliding knot over two tails of long leather cord. Melt the ends when you finish tying.

Attach one more cone bead to the star pendant in the middle. It’s done!

Isn’t it unique? In my eyes, this pink bead necklace even looks a little punk except for its color. Love it so much! You can add two small beads at both ends of leather cord to avoid slipping off if necessary. Hope you enjoy it!

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