Making Your Own Jewelry - How to Design Your Own Charm Bracelets

Summary: How to make your own jewelry? Actually, it is not a difficult thing. In this post, we will tell you how to design your own charm bracelet.

Did you make your own jewelry? If you want unique jewelry, you should make one by yourself. There are too much same jewelries. You may see someone wearing the same jewelry with you on the street. And next, you can design your own charm bracelet with us together.


Supplies needed in designing your own charm bracelets:

8mm acrylic beads

4mm& 6mm pearl beads

4mm glass beads

12mm cubic zirconia beads

Flower mother of pearl 

Seed beads



Bead caps


Brass chains

Brass bar& ring toggle clasp

How to design your own charm bracelet?

Step1: Make dangles. 

1st, slide a bead to the pin and make a loop over the bead. Keep making with other beads, eyepins and headpins.

2nd, prepare two 14.5cm brass chains.


Step2: Assemble the dangles and chains in order as shown in picture. Connect the two ends of the chains with jumprings. Add brass bar and ring toggle clasp to each jumpring.


So your bracelet is finished. It looks like a summer bracelet. You will be very eye-catching when you wear this beautiful bracelet. Hope you can develop your imagination to design your more own charm bracelets.

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