Triangle Knot Pattern - Interesting Decorative Knot

Summary: In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a triangle knot which would be helpful in braiding cord bracelet.

Triangle knot is basic knotting, and its name comes from its shape that you can see from the fowlling cord patterns. If you are fond of knotting, this one would be good to practise.

Triangle knot pattern:

Step 1: Prepare two nylon thread: a black and a red one.

 materials for making triangle knot

Step 2: Pull the black thread under the red one.

 start making triangel kont 1

Step 3: Take the red end and bring it upward. Pass it under the black end.

 making triangel kont 2

Step 4: Bring that red end over the other red end and black then down through the black thread.

making triangel kont 3

Step 5: Pull the ends.

 finish triangel kont

So you have got triangle knot.

continue make more triangle knots

You can continue to make more triangle knots until the length suitable for your wrist,  you will find you just make a triangle knot bracelet!

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