Easy Tutorial on Making Skull Bracelet

Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to make a skull bracelet. 4 steps guide to you make the bracelet with skull beads in pandahall.com.

In summer, bracelets are necessary jewelry to decorate our bald hands. And jewelry can show our personality, so personalized jewelry can make us more outstanding. Let’s make the skull bracelet together.


Tutorial and instruction on making skull bracelet:

1.You will need skull acrylic beads and elastic wire.


2. Slide the skull acrylic beads onto the elastic wire.


3. Keep sliding until you get the desired lengthen. 

4. Tie a surgeon knots and cut off extra wires.

<span "="">So the skull bracelet is done! It is very easy and you make one. It is pretty cool. Do you want to make one? Hurry!

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