Handmade Copper Earrings tutorial - DIY Simple Victorian Earrings

Summary: This tutorial is to teach you how to hand make a simple pair of Victorian earrings with copper wires, chunky beads and chocolate chains. I am sure you will love this tut very much!

When inserting “Victorian earrings” in search bar, I could find out hundreds of beautiful handmade Victorian earrings on sale. Owing to the delicate appearance and sophisticated handcrafted techniques, many of the earrings are sold at a remarkably high price; after thinking twice, I decided to make one pair of Victorian earrings with copper wire. 


Materials and tools:

1.5mm orange red aluminum wire

0.8mm orange red copper wire

0.5mm orange red copper wire

12mm blue acrylic beads

Black brass chain

Ear hooks

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: Make wire frame for earring dangle

1st, pick a 18cm piece of aluminum wire;

2nd, wrap it around a marker one time and erect the crossing ends with flat nose plier;

3rd, cut off excess wires with wire cutter;

4th, loop both ends with round nose plier.


Step 2: Fix the bead into frame

1st, pick a 18cm length of 0.5mm copper wire;

2nd, coil it below the loops 4-5 times and coil around left frame twice;

3rd, slide a blue bead on and insert it into frame by wrapping copper wire around bottom frame twice;

4th, lead the wire back through the bead, coil rest wire around right frame twice and cut off excess copper wire.


Step 3: Finish the earrings

1st, pick a piece of 0.8mm copper wire and loop 6 jump rings;

2nd, cut two pieces of chocolate chain that both measure 6-link;

3rd, with 2 jump rings combine dangle and chains together, and one jump ring combine chains with ear hook;

4th, repeat to make the other piece of earring.


The final look is like this:


Congratulations! This handmade copper earrings are successfully done, Although this pair is fulfilled with simplicity, lacking of complicated lacework, it is still a pretty good pair of Victorian earrings. 

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