DIY a Cute Bracelet with Lace and Ribbon Bow

Summary: Follow us to DIY a ribbon and lace bracelet in a few minutes. This cute bracelet with a large lace bow and a simple ribbon bow will show you the beauty of simplicity.

Bows can be easily and perfectly attached to decorative accessories such as adorable bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories that girls must adore. DIY bracelet out of ribbon and lace can reflect sweet and endearing temperament all the more. If you love simple style, this bracelet that has a single large bow without any extra embellishments is so perfect for you! Can you resist such a bracelet with a combination of all these elements?

Materials and tools needed in this ribbon bracelet:

25mm Satin Ribbon Saddle Brown

25mm Satin Ribbon Flower

22mm Metal Button Shank

90mm Lace Trim

20mm Brass Ribbon Ends

Lobster Claw Clasp

Jump Rings

Sewing Thread




Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)

How to make a ribbon and lace bracelet?

Step 1: attach ribbon ends

1st, cut out a strip of saddle brown ribbon measuring your wrist and clasp both ends with ribbon ends;

2nd, attach a lobster clasp with a jump ring to one ribbon end and a single jump ring to the other end.


Step 2: make bows

3rd, cut a piece of lace trim measuring about 5cm, fold a bow and pin the middle for securing;

4th, cut out a strip of flower ribbon measuring 12cm, loop both ends to the middle backwards, fold a bow and sew the middle;

5th, sew the ribbon bow over lace bow;

6th, glue a button with cutting off the shank to the middle of ribbon bow.

Glue the bows in the middle of brown ribbon, this bracelet is done.

How do you think of this bracelet made from lace and ribbon? Want to own a cute bracelet to match your outfit in fresh style? Here is a great project to DIY!

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