Friendship Bracelets with Beads Instructions - How to Make a Braided Bracelet with Wooden Beads

Summary: Wanna make a stylish DIY friendship bracelet? Keep reading this friendship bracelets with beads instructions. I will show you a unique way for how to make a braided bracelet with wooden beads, even a primary learner can complement is separately and easily.

This is one of my favorite ways for working diy feiendship bracelet with beads. Simply take more than three string strands and you’ll able to make the bracelet with holding decorative beads anywhere you want them be. Since finished it, you can decide whether to wear one simply or stack much in one. Thus, let’s check how to make a braided bracelet with beads accord to the principles.

Supplies needed in the diy friendship bracelet with beads :

1mm jewelry string Nylon thread

Multi-colored wooden bead

Jewelry Terminators (Wide Ribbon End)


Ends with chain


friendship bracelets with beads instructions

Step1: How to braid a bracelet with beads

1. Prepare 3 strands long nylon thread;

2. Fold all strips in half for six new segments;

3. Bundle up them by tying an overhand knot;

4. Start to plait your bracelet using three pairs;

5. When the braided portion reaches 1/3 of whole bracelet, knot the braid;

6. Push up one wooden bead and fasten by one half hitch knot;

7. Continue adding more beads in same way for central 1/3 of bracelet;

8. Work the rest 1/3 plait part.

Step2: make more of above component

For a distinctive design, you can try making more plaits show up in step1.

Step3: assemble all components prepared

Clamp the ends of well-prepared braids with Ribbon ends. Do same for another end of bracelet.

Step4: conclusion and embellishment process

Hook on the closure with Jumprings and hang on pendant of your choice.

If you want your diy friendship bracelet with beads much trendy and amusing, adopting more type of beads and colors. Wish you enjoy this method of  friendship bracelets with beads instructions.

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